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  • Siemens Powers Up Employer Branding: Building a Global Talent Magnet 21st May 2024
    Forget washing machines, Siemens is a tech titan quietly shaping the world’s future. From smart cities to sustainable factories, their innovations touch millions. But attracting top tech talent in a crowded field? That’s a different challenge. Enter Stefanie Drerup, the mastermind behind Siemens’ employer branding revolution. In this interview, she reveals how she built a… […]
    Jörgen Sundberg
  • Crafting a Team Brick by Brick: LEGO Group’s Talent Quest 30th April 2024
    Certain brands hold a cherished spot in our memories, yet landing someone’s dream job doesn’t automatically guarantee they’re the right match for your team. In a recent episode of the Employer Branding Podcast, we delve into the world of Andrew Paterson, the Global Employer Brand and Talent Attraction Lead at the LEGO Group. Discover how… […]
    Jörgen Sundberg
  • Why Boots’ Return to the Office is a Mistake 30th April 2024
    Another month, another controversial move by a big company. This time, it’s Boots scrapping their two days of working from home in favour of a full return to the office. It’s the kind of swimming against the current that can make even the best of us question our direction; do they know something we don’t?… […]
  • Overthinking is Not a Disorder, it’s a Superpower 18th March 2024
    Most of us are no strangers to experiencing feelings of overwhelm and disruption caused by our own thoughts, commonly understood as overthinking. Research shows we are becoming more anxious as a nation, and it’s no wonder, given the various external factors such as the cost-of-living crisis and global political conflict that have taken place over… […]
  • The Reskilling Revolution: How Asia-Pacific is Leading the Charge in the Future of Work 12th March 2024
    The landscape of work is undergoing a dramatic transformation across the globe. But in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, something truly remarkable is brewing. Here, innovation, flexibility, and a willingness to embrace change are shaping the future of work in exciting ways. This article explores five key trends that will define the APAC workplace and how… […]
  • The Metrics That Matter: What HR Leaders Need to Know to Track Progress in 2024 6th March 2024
    Though promises of efficiency, productivity, and experience boosts may have served as initial motivators for HR leaders’ investments in connected technology, there’s another benefit that is slowly but surely stepping into the spotlight: objectivity. As digital toolsets expand and their capabilities grow, talent acquisition (TA) teams are increasingly recognizing the value that comes with quantifying… […]
  • Revitalizing Workplace Morale: Innovative Tactics for Boosting Employee Engagement in 2024 4th March 2024
    This year it has become increasingly evident that the success of any organization hinges upon its most valuable asset: its people. As the modern workforce continues to evolve, it’s imperative that employers acknowledge the pivotal role employees play, particularly when it comes to the success of their companies. One pressing issue that demands attention and… […]
  • From Data to Success: Experian’s ROI Journey with the Employer Brand Index 5th February 2024
    At Link Humans, we’re always eager to delve into anything data-related. In this context, we had the privilege of chatting with Doug Kelsall, Global Recruitment Marketer and Branding Director at Experian, about the pivotal role the Employer Brand Index (EBI) plays in helping them gauge Return on Investment (ROI). In this edition of the Employer… […]
    Jörgen Sundberg
  • Evolving the Workplace Through Rebellious Trends 17th January 2024
    Over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of workplace trends develop which have taken over the headlines of nearly every career website and blog. Some, like remote and hybrid work, have resulted from the natural evolution of a post-pandemic workplace. Others, like “quiet quitting,” are simply old concepts (employee disengagement) given a catchy… […]
    John Feldmann